The Arvima Artist Residency 2019


The Announcement

Ar.Vi.Ma., civic Painting School of Pavia, in collaboration with the Cultural Sector of the City of Pavia, has announced the competition for the sixth edition of Artist-in-Residence, which offers the possibility for an Italian or foreign artist to live and work in Pavia for the first three weeks of June.


Purpose of the Residency

In this sixth edition, the Artist-in-Residence intends to promote the research of an artist who has already given readable results. The artist will use his/her Residency to continue the research and translate it into an artwork, which will be included in the permanent collection of the school.

Duties of the winning artist

The winning artist will work on his project at the Ar.Vi.Ma. location without any time limit.
The artist will have to be independent in retrieving the required material, as the school has none of its own.
During his/her stay, the artist will present a weekly report on his/her work to the Artistic Director. He/she will also hold at least one public event (conference and/or workshop).
The finished work will be exhibited for the public at Santa Maria Gualtieri or in another suitable location.

Benefits and scholarship

Work opportunity: Ar.Vi.Ma., located in Viale Nazario Sauro 5, Pavia
Accommodation: Cairoli Boarding School, Pavia
Room and board provided by Ar.Vi.Ma. (lunch and dinner)
Scholarship: € 1.500,00
The cost of the trip and any money spent on travel during the stay are at the artist’s expense.

Participation requirements

The competition is directed towards those artists who are at least 25 years old and aren’t carrying out academic studies at the moment.
The non-European candidates must have a valid permit of stay or must arrange to obtain one on their own.

Participation procedure

The participants will have to send by registered mail by the 15th April 2019 at

– Scan application form, downloadable here
– Scan of a valid identity document
– CV (PDF)
– Presentation essay of one’s work (PDF)
– Portfolio containing a maximum of 10 works (images jpeg format, 150 dpi, 16 bit)
– Project to carry out during the Residency (PDF)

If it were necessary to send paper material or CD, the postmark will attest.

Send to the following address:
Viale Nazario Sauro, 5
27100 Pavia


Due to the cultural exchange of the scholarship, those living within the province of Pavia are to be considered excluded from the competition.
All non-conforming submitted material will be ignored.

Communication results

The winner will receive a written notification and the news will be published on the Ar.Vi.Ma. and the City of Pavia web sites starting from 30th April 2019.

Selection committee

The selection committee is made up of:
-Alessandra Angelini, artistic Director of Arvima, artist and professor of Brera Academy of Fine Art
-Susanna Zatti, art historian
-Sandra Tenconi, painter
-Anna Mariani, art history professor, Brera Academy of Fine Art
-a representative of the Culture, Education and youth Politics of Pavia
In the event of a tie, the Ar.Vi.Ma. Board of Directors will be called to cast a vote.

 Announcement diffusion

The announcement will be published on the Ar.Vi.Ma. website: and the City of Pavia website in the cultural sector  .

The reporting of the announcement can be found in on-line art magazines and social networks.

Useful links

Those who are interested can request further information in Italian and English at the Ar.Vi.Ma reception:

Phone/ Fax +39 0382 32158